Some of my books and music are available for purchase or download.  Any royalties that are received from the sale of these books go to support missionaries with the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.  Thank you for your support, and enjoy the reading!

Let’s Talk About Jesus (print), Let’s Talk About Jesus (Kindle)

If you struggle with sharing your faith in Christ with family and friends, this book was written for you. It was designed not just to help you talk with others about Jesus. It was also written to help you clarify and strengthen your own faith. From a one-sentence summary of the faith, to help with the stumbling blocks to faith most people struggle with; from simple apologetics to seven key bible passages to learn; this book aims to be a tool box for those who want to share their Christian faith with others.  Read a sample chapter.

Not As We Ought: A Lutheran Reflects on the Meaning of Prayer

Written as part of my Master of Divinity program, this book explorers many books on prayer written from several theological perspectives.  It also compares John Calvin’s thinking on prayer with Martin Luther’s.  The conclusion?  That for Luther, prayer isn’t “telling God what to do,” neither is it letting God tell what to do.  Prayer, instead, is the way Christians proclaim their trust in the God who incarnated himself in Jesus Christ.

With Shouts of Thanksgiving

A collection of instrumental music written over a number of years, most from while I was in college, and arranged on keyboard.  Many are new, modern takes on ancient hymns.  Others are musical reflections on Scripture texts or times in my life.  Listen to an excerpt of O Sons and Daughters.