April 2017 Newsletter

The St-Onge April 2017 Newsletter (click here) is now out!  We are still days away from the purchase of a ministry center in Jamaica, working with Cuban asylum seekers in the Caymans, finding partners to fund a second worship center in Puerto Rico, and gearing up for more outreach in Montreal. There will be much to share in May!

The news is out. Since euthanasia was legalized in Canada less than a year ago over 1,300 people have chosen to be assisted in taking their own lives. Quebec didn’t wait for a federal bill but passed its own a few months ahead of time. On May 11 I will join with tens of thousands of Canadians on Parliament Hill to remember the 100,000 children killed each year in abortions. In the midst of a culture of death we must speak up for life – the resurrected, eternal life promised by Christ the first Easter. Please consider supporting our work to proclaim Christ, crucified and risen, in Quebec, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the Caymans.