Devotion: 2015-05-09

Praise, Musically Speaking

Psalm 150

During the time of the Reformation there arose the question of how to offer worship to God.  Some Protestant Reformers believed that only psalms should be used in worship, and that even these should only be sung acapella.  In the United States some Churches of Christ do not allow any instrumental music in their services, for example.

Martin Luther, however, believed that all music that teaches Christ and moves the listener is acceptable to God.  “All pious Christian musicians should let their singing and playing to the praise of the Father of all grace sound forth with joy from their organs, symphonias, virginals, regals, and whatever other beloved instruments there are (recently invented and given by God), of which neither David nor Solomon…knew anything” wrote Luther in his commentary on Psalm 4.

The writer of Psalm 150 would clearly agree with Luther.  The God who made the world has gifted us with music, and rejoices when we use instruments we have created to praise the One who created us.  He especially rejoices when we praise his mighty deeds, chief of which is our salvation from sin, death and the devil by the death of Jesus on the cross.  So praise the Lord!

Lord of heaven and earth, we take up music to praise you for our salvation in Jesus.  Amen!