Devotion: 2015-05-07

Testing the Spirits

1 John 4:1-3

I remember attending a conference for youth workers where someone asked, “who was the most spiritual man in the Bible?”  Some answered Jesus of course, or John the Baptist or Moses.  The answer he gave was surprising, but made sense: “It was the Gennesaret demoniac (Mark 6:53-56), because his spirits were legion!”

We are used to thinking of spiritual things as being good things.  Indeed many people prefer to identify themselves as “spiritual” rather than “religious.”  Yet the Scriptures are clear that not all spiritualities are good.  In fact some are downright dangerous.  John the apostle urges us to test the spirits.  The Holy Spirit, the one that brings life and health and salvation, always points to Jesus, the Son of God come in the flesh.  Any spirit that points away from Jesus or ignores him, or paints him as something other than the Son of God and Savior, is not a “good” spirit.

Next time you read something that seems spiritual, or hear someone who claims to be spiritual, run a test.  Are you closer to the Christ who died to save you, or further?  If you are closer, you can be certain that the Spirit of Christ has been with you!

Precious Father, send your Spirit continually upon us that we may be drawn ever closer to Christ Jesus.  Amen.