Dramatized Audio Bibles


I have come across some good dramatizations of the bible for those who may be learning reading or visually impaired.  These are of the English Standard Version of the Bible.  One can be found at Faith Comes by Hearing, and here is a sample from Luke 19, the triumphant procession into Jerusalem.

There is also a podcast geared towards kids called “You’ve Got the Time,” which contains selected portions of Scripture.  Here is a portion of the same Scripture passage from Luke 19:

Since I just came back from a visit to our Lutheran congregations in Kingston, Jamaica, I was interested to find an audio version of the bible in Jamaican Patois.  You can listen to most of the Bible here, at Jamaican audio bible.  Here again is the same portion of Luke 19, the triumphal entry into Jerusalem:

A blessed Palm Sunday to you all, as we come up to the end of Lent in a few short days!