Demographic Emerges with a New Take on Science and Religion

Science Clip Art

There’s a new demographic in America, according to sociologist Timothy O’Brien.  The “Post-Seculars” (as he has dubbed them) make up 21% of the US.  They are fairly well educated on basic principles of science, yet even more than religious conservatives question the soundness of the Big Bang theory, Neodarwinistic explanations for life’s origin, and the age of the universe.  Even more interesting, only 50% claim to be conservative protestants.  You can read more here.  It may be some members of this group, and not just traditional anti-evolutionists, who didn’t rush to buy cruise tickets after they saw this Superbowl ad.   John F. Kennedy may be convinced we came from the sea.  It would seem a sizeable portion of educated Americans don’t agree.  Listen to my interview on the subject.