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No, this isn’t a post about Christian Science, the “mind-over-matter” folks within Christendom.  It is a post about why scientists become Christian, or stay Christian if they were to begin with.  I’ve written a short review of a short book on just this subject.  The book is called “The Invitation: Christianity for Men and Women of Science” and it’s available on Amazon.  Check out the book.   Here’s my review:

In this short very personal reflection Dr. Linda Morabito Meyer and her husband, astronomer and Air Force pilot David Meyer, explore why scientists should take a serious look at the Christian faith.  The book takes the form of an extended poem presenting the authors’ faith journey.  They explore why they believe Christianity has not been examined and found wanting by scientists (to paraphrase G.K. Chesterton), but simply left unexamined altogether.  The authors ask the reader, “Is it possible that Christianity is rather the logical missing piece of science and what we observe in the Universe today?”  These are the kinds of questions worth asking, and these are the questions that this short book lays bare for their readers’ consideration.  The authors believe that God wants scientists in the life of the world to come.  This book invites scientists to reflect critically on that invitation.