What is Responsible, Confessional, Catholic Christianity?

Christianity means many things to many people.  This blog will look at the world through the lens of a Christianity that is responsible, confessional, and catholic.  What does that mean?

Catholic means to be universally or widely accepted.  One can certainly find forms of Christianity that are believed by small numbers of people in one place or one time.  But a truly catholic Christianity is one that finds that its beliefs to be widespread and ancient.  To paraphrase Vincent of Lerins, Christians should be wary of departing from those things believed by all, everywhere, almost always (Romans 16:17).  A majority can be wrong; but the minority must take the utmost care in its dissent.

Confessional means to confess a specific set of beliefs.  Jesus said that those who confess him before others, he will confess before his Father (Matthew 10:32-33).  A confessional Christianity is willing to state those things that are the most true, which someone would die for rather than deny.

Responsible means to assume an obligation towards others.  The Christian is responsible, as a holy priest, for the world (1 Peter 2:4-5).  What we say and what we do is a reflection of our belief in Jesus as the Christ, the living Son of God, who died for us and will raise us on the Last Day.  We take care to speak and interact with each other and the world as adults, not as children (1 Corinthians 14:20).

Responsible, Confessional, Catholic Christianity.  A Faith that knows the world is watching to see if what we believe is true, and if what we believe will save them as it has saved us.